Welcome to Zebra Glitter & Nails, YOUR new favorite nail dip company! Use the code zebra20 to save 20% off your 1st purchase! Unique custom nail dips with a large selection. We carry traditional & unique colors. Over 1000 colors! If you don't see what you are looking for just ask! We love to create. USA owned & Internationally sold. Stay tuned for new products! All of our acrylic dips can also be used with monomer.

All but...

Subscription: Monthly Mini

Zebra Glitter & Nails Company, LLC

Regular price $15.00
Subscription: Monthly Mini
Subscription: Monthly Mini

2 .25 oz dip powder, 2 .5 oz dip powder, 1 sample

Nail tool or nail art

** no discounts

Ships between the 15th-20th each month. Not when you order the subscription. 

Will auto renew on the same date as you sign up every month

You must cancel by the last day of the month prior if you must cancel. I purchase supplies ahead of time and start making the sub bags on the 30th. Ie for February subscription you must cancel by January 31st. Once your subscription charges you are not able to cancel for a refund. This causes a lot of confusion. Please pay attention to your subscription. This allows us to get the out in a timely fashion and avoid mistakes. 

***no stripes given on subscriptions***


1 oz dip powder will do approximately 14-20 full manicures. 

.5 oz dip powder will do approximately 7-10 full manicures.

.25 oz dip powder will do approximately 3-5 full manicures

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Stacie Johnson
1st sub bag ❤💅

Received my first sub bag very quickly & just in time for Halloween. Loved all the dips which were the Monster dips & all were beautiful. I can't wait until next month to see what I get

Andrea Davis

Always enjoy my shipment!! Love everything about them. Thank you!!

Erica Jones
Love this

I was so impressed with the colors and the quality. I can't wait to receive my next subscription

So pretty

There was a nice blend of colors. They went on smoothly and only needed a couple coats to be opaque.

Margaret Schultz
Sub bag

Amazing dips!

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