Welcome to Zebra Glitter & Nails, YOUR new favorite nail dip company! Use the code zebra20 to save 20% off your 1st purchase! Unique custom nail dips with a large selection. We carry traditional & unique colors. Over 1000 colors! If you don't see what you are looking for just ask! We love to create. USA owned & Internationally sold. Stay tuned for new products! All of our acrylic dips can also be used with monomer.

Zebra Liquids Description

About Zebra liquids:

Dainty Liquids are our no odor liquids with great shine. 

Professional Base and Professional Shiny Top Coat are our new top of the line, low odor, super shiny liquids.

Acitvate is used to activate the reaction between the dip powder and the base coat for proper application. 

We are phasing out our EZ & Essential Liquids. 

UV Top Coat dries without a UV/gel light but will show a purplish tint under blacklight or uv Ray's. Prep - is a ph prep to help with the ph balance on the nail bed itself. This will help products adhere better and last longer. Brush/Saver Cleaner is used to clean your brush if it gets contaminated. You would soak your brush in brush cleaner until the residue comes off of the brush and it is no longer stiff. You would then dry the brush out completely and replace it in the bottle of liquids. The brush in the liquids will be ready in approximately 1 hour. Cuticle Oil, Balm or Lotion is used around the cuticle area of the nail to soften and remove dry or hardened cuticle so your hand appear beautifully hydrated. Matte Top Coat - for a matte finish after all application of dip powder and activate is done.Gel Base & (No Wipe) Gel Top Coats must be cured with a UV/LED light to work properly. Many people do the dip process with gel liquids or top the dip liquids with a no wipe gel top coat. Thinner - if you contaminate your base or top coat (fairly hard to do with our liquids) put a few drops in and it will restore your liquids. Peel Base - use for short mani changes. Place on nail before dip process. Will only last 2-5 days typically. Liquid Latex - to use around nail bed for cleaner application. Clear Nail Polish Top Coat - simple no cure top coat.