Welcome to Zebra Glitter & Nails, YOUR new favorite nail dip company! Use the code zebra20 to save 20% off your 1st purchase! Unique custom nail dips with a large selection. We carry traditional & unique colors. Over 1000 colors! If you don't see what you are looking for just ask! We love to create. USA owned & Internationally sold. Stay tuned for new products! All of our acrylic dips can also be used with monomer.

Directions: Product Usage



There a few ways it can be done and check out our Facebook group page or YouTube channel for the live where we showed how to use them.

1st Way

* Prep Nails including pushing cuticles back

* layer of base

* Puff on your PPP (Puff Puff Powders) just like you would your dip. Brush off excess powder ( We suggest using a cupcake liner under your nails as your work so you can pour excess product back into the bottle)

* repeat base & PPP layers until you get your desired look. Make sure to brush excess off between layers

* activate x 2

* file & buff if necessary & reactivate. Wait 2 minutes for the Nails to cure

* apply your top coat x 2 and enjoy

2nd way:
You can dip for your 1st color and then follow the directions for Puff to do color blocking or ombre

Use your imagination and enjoy