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Liquids: Nail Treatment: Stregthen & Grow

Liquids: Nail Treatment: Stregthen & Grow

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This blend is made to help grow, repair & strengthen your nails. 

Quick application: apply using our cuticle pen rub it into your nails well. Making sure to cover nail beds and cuticle oil. Wrap in gloves and wait 20 mins. Most should soak in, gently rinse off the remainder. 

Soak: Use this 1-2 x per week to heal and promote healthy Nails. Place our product in a small bowl and sit with your "naked" nails for approx 15-20 mins making sure to rub in the mixture onto your nails and cuticles well.

You can also rub our product on your nails and cuticles and place saran wrap or cling wrap around your hands, wait 20 mins and wash off. 


Jojoba, horse tail oil, rosemary, lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit, peppermint, lavender & apricot kernel

**Remember to always remove dips, gels and other nail applications safely and correctly to not damage your nail beds and cuticles. 

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This stuff is fantastic

First it smells so good....2nd it make my cuticles look amazing and 3rd it works my nails are growing stronger and I think even quicker...I use it every night before bed